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QFilter support design IIR and FIR filter, and design of the filter can be used to collect data filtering and presentation of the theoretical simulation model;

IIR filter which support the "Butterworth", "Chebyshev I "," Chebyshev II ","oval "type of filter design;

FIR filter supports frequency sample method, and Rectangle, bartlett, triangular, cosine, hanning, bartlett_hanning, hamming, blackman, blackman_Harris, tukey, Nuttall, FlatTop, Bohman, Parzen, Lanczos, kaiser, gauss and dolph_chebyshev window function method;

Design results support to save the image; 

The design of H (z) pole-zero coefficients support save as txt file, for other design system; 

The design parameters are saved into a fdd format, easy to open and for subsequent waveform processing and simulation. 

Go to download:Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

After the download is complete, in the installation directory run QFilter.exe to start.



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